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Bust PTSD App is developed by CCEI Psychotherapy & Research Inc. This app is designed to help people and specially Veterans who have experienced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Syndrome or living with PTSD Symptoms. Bust PTSD App helps to reduce PTSD symptoms in a cost effective and time efficient manner. The beauty of Bust PTSD App; No Disclosure of Personal Information Required, No Need to Work Around Schedules for Appointment, it's Affordable, Reduces Symptoms and Improves Quality of Life. Bust PTSD App may also help people to deal with Depression, Panic Attacks and Anxiety Issues, because unresolved and untreated PTSD can be a contributing factor in a variety of mental health issues or conditions. Bust PTSD App helps to resolve underlying causes of these conditions and their associated symptoms. Bust PTSD App works on PTSD symptoms at neurological level; this app reduces hyper vigilance, intrusive thoughts and avoidance behaviour in most of the cases, that is a typical PTSD symptoms complex among other symptoms. Bust PTSD App helps to deal with maladaptive and learned behaviour patterns. It lays down the foundation for a healthy, normal and happy life by reprogramming neurological activity patterns in the brain. We wish you good luck for taking a step towards a positive change.